Endpoint Security is exactly what it says it is. It involves adding specific security “agents” to your Endpoint (that being your Workstation, laptop, server, etc) which strengthen the security and resilience of the device against malware and viruses from hackers and intruders.

Zero-Trust – you may have heard this term being used in the IT press. From the Endpoint Security perspective, this means that we should be ensuring the validity of data and processes on the Endpoint i.e., the laptop, desktop, server and even the mobile device, rather than leaving security to the Firewall.

Is the Firewall enough? The short answer is no, not today it isn’t. We still need the Firewall as more levels of security are always better but because we see some things bypassing Firewalls, we need to be more vigilant by implementing Managed Detection and Response services to catch anything that gets through. In some cases, Application Whitelisting can be effective too.

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